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Restore Your Wooden Building With The Help Of A Commercial Water Damage Company

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Old wooden buildings can be really hard to restore and maintain because they are susceptible to many more environmental factors than your average home. Homes are shielded by insulation, siding, sheetrock, and paint. Wooden buildings are just wood, if they are kept in all of their original, beautiful glory. Unfortunately, when disaster strikes and your wooden building suffers, you may have to call in the big guns to keep that amazing property in one piece.

Keeping It Maintained

Historically speaking, wood was not treated in any kind of special way, leaving it vulnerable to the harsh elements of the outdoors. It’s most common that the wood is ruined by fungus and bugs such as termites and carpenter ants. When moisture gets into the wood, it’s difficult for it to be released. This is what makes the fungus grow and ruin the wood. Fortunately, there are ways to preserve the wood so that this doesn’t happen.

Wood Protecting Finish

Wood protecting finish is more readily available now than it was many years ago. This type of finish will protect the wood from harmful UV rays like sunscreen protects our skin. It is one of the main factors of aging in wood boards. The variety of products available for wood finish is outstanding. Some require multiple uses and some only require one, it all depends on personal preference.

Don’t Let Water Take Over

Heavy RainsRain happens and when it does, don’t let it sit. Wood sucks up water like a sponge, especially very soft wood like oak or maple. If this happens and your business is run out of this wooden structure, you need to ensure that you assess the situation immediately. Unfortunately, floods do happen, and if that’s the case, it can be quite difficult to control This would be the prime opportunity to contact a good restoration company to help you out before your business and building is destroyed.

Wood Treatment Options

Treating the wood is more than just slapping some finish on it. There are actually multiple options for treating the wood on your commercial building.



These are great for protecting against fungi, mildew, mold, and insects. The biocides in these treatments are safe for humans and animals to be around, but they are not safe for the insects that want to gnaw on the wood, which is a good thing.


This is kind of like the finish coatings, but it’s an actual sunblock for your wooden structure. It’s a pigmented preservative that mitigates the effects of the UV rays of the sun that can cause damage to the wood.


Green Products 33004 Copper Brown Wood PreservativeThe most important role in a preservative is to repel water-woods most common enemy. As we already know, water promotes mold and mildew growth and attracts all kinds of nasty critters and airborne gunk. These are usually applied once every 3-5 years, but it can vary depending on the climate where you live.

Borate Treatments

Boracare Nisus Borate Wood Treatment

If your commercial building is a “log home”, then it will most likely be treated with borate. This is done by dipping the logs in tanks filled with a solution of borate, infusing them with a preservative through pressure treating.


If you are just starting to build your structure, once the logs are placed on the site, they should be treated with a cleaning solution to remove the glaze made by the mill, grime from the road, and mud & dirt accumulated during the building process. These can all prevent the preservatives and finished form sticking to the wood.


Preserving your wooden building, whether old or new, may seem like a difficult task, but it’s really not. Water is one of the worst things that could possibly hit your structure, so make sure that you get it cleaned up as soon as you possibly can. Old buildings are beautiful and they should be maintained to keep all of their functionality and glory.

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